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How to deal with China's New Normal jointly with Wim Rombaut

China has the ambition to take world leadership in technology and innovation by 2030. They are on track, the pace of innovation is higher than we can imagine here in Europe. China’s new normal: what does that mean for your business, for your industry, local and global?

This one day workshop will adjust and update your vision on China today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Pascal Coppens delivers you accurate and updated content and knowledge of China today, and shares with you their plans for the next 10 years. Executive coach Wim Rombaut stimulates the participants to a pragmatic and high paced think/act – methodology.

What's in it for you:

  • You will become deeply aware WHY China’s transformation is so high paced and WHAT that means for your positioning and business today

  • You will see the opportunities for your business to become more competitive and to stay ‘in the lead’ as you go for synergy or battle with Chinese companies

  • You will be able to integrate the know-how about China to your first steps tomorrow

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