China is the best guide to understand how to thrive in a world of constant change and uncertainty. 


International companies are struggling to understand the changes coming out of China.
Can we still trust China?
How do we navigate the ever-changing China with minimal risk?
What are the trends and shifts to watch?
what should we learn from China?

As a China expert, Pascal offers an answer to these and more China questions to help managers with a clear analysis, opinion and action plan on how to deal with China’s “new normal”. Pascal can provide strategic insights to board members, executives and managers who are active with China or want to understand how China could impact their future business.

Pascal’s expertise can be provided in 2 formats: workshops and consultancy.


For managers and staff who seek to learn new skills originating from China, the interactive hands-on workshop format is most suitable.
Pascal delivers you accurate and updated insights of China, and helps you to integrate that knowledge into an action plan. Pascal’s workshop reveals why Chinese companies are on track to become the leader in global innovation. Pascal offers learnings on how Chinese achieve their incredible speed, agility, technological leap, customer centricity, ecosystem thinking, leadership, inclusivity, sustainability, collective trust, and more.

Two modules per half-day can be covered whilst keeping it interactive and fun.

What’s in it for you:

You will become deeply aware WHY China’s transformation is so high paced and WHAT that means for your positioning and business today.

You will see the opportunities for your business to become more competitive and to stay ‘in the lead’ as you go for synergy or battle with Chinese companies

You will be able to integrate the know-how about China to your first steps tomorrow.



As a personal consultant, Pascal will act as a soundboard and advisor to clients who seek to make strategic decisions about or in China. Pascal works on a project basis, with a minimum engagement of one half-day advisory services.

Each project is evaluated in advance, after an intake call, to ensure the quality of the delivery.
Pascal’s advisory work is most effective when the client has a clear strategic objective, question or worry about China, a Chinese competitor or a partner.    

What's in it for you:

You will get a candid, no-nonsense soundboard and opinion based on Pascal’s personal experience in China on how to deal with China matters and read Chinese real motives.

Get answers on all questions creating distrust and doubts about China’s future business environment, so to help understand your own future and strategy ahead.

Acquire new insights, ideas and viewpoints to seize the new China opportunities at minimal risk, communicate a China strategy to stakeholders or drive organizational change.