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    The Chinese innovation train is heading for Europe at high-speed. The train will not stop, so leverage China’s global ambition to your advantage. Jump on the train, now. Chinese brands still have a lot to learn about Europe and we can learn a thing or two from China as well.


    Pascal's candid presentations with real-life examples will be eye-opening, create food-for-thought and uncover patterns for you to turn the Chinese innovation train into an opportunity for your business.


    He has translated his insights into two main keynote formats:


    How China sets the standard for innovation

    This keynote will elaborate on the six waves of innovation in China, and how China is now ready to take on the challenge to become a global leader in innovation by 2030.


    Topics we will cover:

    • China from 'copy' to 'creator'
    • China strengths: Market, Cash, People, UX & Personal 
    • European strengths: Technology & Research, Brands, Efficiency, Meaning, & Balance. 
    • How China and Europe can help each other

    Smart Industries insights possible:

    • New Retail, Media & Entertainment, Security, Mobility, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Finance & Insurance, Education

    Transformation focus possible:

    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Digital China
    • Chinese Ecosystems
    • Chinese consumer
    • Shenzhen: Silicon Valley of China


    innovation insights from Silicon Valley & China jointly with Peter Hinssen

    Silicon Valley and China’s tech ecosystem cities (such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Shanghai) are the fastest evolving innovation hubs in the world. But inspiration from pioneering startups, corporates and academics from these distant corners of the globe should not be an ‘either, or’ story. Each has its very own background, innovation DNA, culture, methods and strategies. Each has the potential to trigger you in ways you’d never thought possible.


    And who better to inspire you in the matter than serial entrepreneur & Silicon Valley aficionado Peter Hinssen and China evangelist Pascal Coppens?


    Book Peter and Pascal for an eye-opening double keynote on the uniquely successful innovation approaches of Silicon Valley and China. They’ll bring you on a holistic journey into the heart of technological, societal, individual and business (model) change. If you want to really understand the depth and complexity of innovation, and the potential of disruption: this 3-hour twin journey will change your perspective forever!


    Pascal inspires the most during a 45-60 minutes keynote, but a shorter or longer version can be provided upon request, and can be tailored to specific sectors. The keynote can be delivered in English, Dutch, French and Chinese.

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